Discover And Protect Sensitive Data on Your Mainframes

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PK Protect for z/OS finds sensitive data using data definitions and copybooks for accurate discovery


PKWARE has solved the unsolvable problem by pinpointing where your vulnerable data resides in the middle of a massive unstructured binary stream, giving you and your privacy team one tool that finds and protects sensitive data, mitigates costly penalties, and cuts down manual workloads. 

This allows organizations to:

  • Automate manual processes for increased efficiency and address skill shortages
  • Meet regulatory guidelines and avoid costly penalties
  • Uncover sensitive data in environments that have been replicated from production, to test, and development for the past 60+ years, including orphaned data sets
  • Identify sensitive data before data migration between z/OS and the cloud / hybrid cloud

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Persistent Encryption Protects Sensitive Data at Rest and in Motion


Protecting sensitive information is not just a requirement; it’s a critical component of an organization’s integrity and reliability. PK Encrypt’s persistent encryption addresses the fragmented workflow for sending sensitive information from z/OS to distributed environments (including hybrid cloud) by ensuring datasets are always encrypted and protected. PK Encrypt is 100% cross-platform compatible, making encrypted data exchanges with non-z/OS environments seamless.

Lunch and Learn                 

Mastering Mainframe Data Security: PKWARE's Cutting-Edge Approach to Sensitive Data Discovery and Protection

Room: Salon 19
Mon Mar 4, 2024 | 12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM EST

This lunch and learn session spotlights PKWARE's groundbreaking strategies for precise data discovery and safeguarding of sensitive data within unstructured and orphaned data sets on mainframes. See how PK Protect for z/OS’s capabilities, enhanced with SchemaLink Technology changes the game in data discovery on mainframes. This pioneering solution stands as one of the only mainframe data discovery tools that dynamically generates schemas from data definitions, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in sensitive data identification. Learn about its proficiency in handling extensive VSAM clusters, sequential data sets, GDGs, Partitioned Data Sets, and Tape storage. 


  • Spencer Kupferman, CEO
  • Tait Hamiel, Big Iron Director, Product Management 

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Lunch and Learn                 

A Quantum Resilience: Future-Proofing Encryption Against Emerging Threats

Room: Salon 19
Thu Mar 7, 2024 | 12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM EST

Join us to learn about emerging challenges and solutions in data security posed by quantum computing. With quantum computers poised to break traditional encryption methods, we explore the principles of quantum cryptography and its role in safeguarding sensitive information. Participants will gain insights into the latest advancements in quantum space and the steps organizations can take to prepare for what’s to come. This session aims to demystify the intersection of quantum computing and encryption, providing practical knowledge for adapting to this rapidly evolving landscape. We'll discuss the balance between current security needs and future-proofing strategies, essential for anyone involved in data protection and cybersecurity. 


  • Jason Dobbs, CTO
  • Tait Hamiel, Big Iron Director, Product Management 
  • Jim Peterson, Chief Scientist

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