PKWARE Data Risk Assessment for

Understand Your z/OS Data Risk in Days with a
PKWARE Data Risk Assessment 

What Can You Expect? 

Using PK Protect® for z/OS with SchemaLink Technology, PKWARE's Data Risk Assessment (DRA) takes a detailed look at a portion of your z/OS VSAM clusters to uncover what sensitive data resides where and what data should be considered for deletion.

The Assessment Includes:

  • Two-week engagement
  • Discovery scan on up to 15 VSAM clusters
  • Post risk assessment report and engagement that includes:
    • Highlighted vulnerabilities in your data
    • Recommendations and a remediation plan

Average Results

  • Average volume of data scanned: 504 million VSAM records
    • An average of 88% of data scanned contained vulnerable sensitive data
  • Policies that were run: PCI and PII
  • Average number of credit card numbers found: 422 million
  • Average number of Social Security numbers found: 450 million

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